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We don't just do shoe repair.  We offer all the following services:

Belt Repair, Bracelet Repair, Full Sole Repair, Half Sole Repair, Handbag & Luggage Repair, 

Heel Replacement, Jewelry Chain Repair, Jewelry Clasp Replacement, Jewelry Redesign,

Jewelry Stone Mounting/Setting, Laser Welding, Omega Watch Repair, Prong Repair, Ring Reshaping,

Rolex Watch Repair, Shoe Cleaning, Shoe Eyelet Replacement, Shoe Stretching, Vintage Watch Repair,
Watch Band Replacement, Watch Bezel Repair, Watch Cleaning, Watch Face Replacement, 

Watch Hands Replacement, Watch Movement Replacement, Watch Stem/Crown Replacement,
Zipper Replacement, Boot Lace Hook Replacement, Earring Repair, Full Sole Replacement,
Half Sole Replacement, Heel Repair & Reinforcement, Insole Replacement, Jewelry Clasp Repair,
Jewelry Cleaning & Polish, Jewelry Restoration, Jewelry Stone Replacement, Necklace Repair,
Pocket Watch Repair, Ring Repair, Ring Resizing, Same Day Service, Shoe Dyeing, Shoe Shining,
Tag Heuer Watch Repair, Watch Band Adjustment, Watch Battery Replacement, 

Watch Bezel Replacement, Watch Complete Overhaul, Watch Hands Repair, Watch Movement Repair
Watch Stem/Crown Repair, Zipper Repairs

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